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KLRgo Search Engine Guide targeting Education

KLRgo© is a free search engine guide targeting education. A basic learning platform with educational content you can safely search and enjoy for FREE! Providing a search from the arts to science, tutorials to travel and beyond. Our essential mission to the global public: Providing a SSI safe search identification engine targeting education. A guide to information that is uniquely different while engaging teachers, students, and parents with thought-provoking content to educate and learn.
Cut the cord and get on board. It's not your typical search engine ... but then neither are we!

Our Mission: To serve globally while providing quality educational information using educational search gathering information to inspire, entertain, and educate. Most importantly to empower individuals to achieve their own potential by way of providing thought provoking content for all to engage and enjoy.                                                                                                         
Our information choices, whether it be science, math, reading, or geography will guide the researcher to seek and to expand the individual mind by exploring our education search engine guide globally. KLRgo© is free search engine guide connecting the educational web to the global classroom while helping educators engage with students of all ages and backgrounds from around the world.  
KLRgo© will continue to strive to keep free thinking and independent creation from science to the arts, and more available to a global platform. 

KLRgo respects your privacy. We do not share your information.
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